Our Story

What started in 1987 as a custom software solutions business has grown into the world’s largest privately owned enterprise content management (ECM) software company. Along the way, we’ve picked up 5 million users and developed software that helps organizations make documents accessible and enables workplaces to operate at their full potential.

Digitizing Documents

Our Software

Organizations use Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) software to move away from traditional hard-copy paperwork and securely store, modify and route their files electronically. Our automation tools replace tedious manual tasks that typically delay work by auto-filling information into documents, routing documents to the right people and tracking the status of projects and processes.

  • Go Paperless

    Go Paperless

  • Collect Data

    Collect Data

  • Automate Daily Tasks

    Automate Daily Tasks

  • Store Content Securely

    Store Content Securely

Our Users

We're proud to work with 34,000 organizations around the world. Check out some of the work we've done for these global organizations.

The Houston Texans

John Sifri, Information Technology Manager

“Our process used to be very manual. Now it’s all electronic. That was a huge win. We use it for our medical records for the sports medicine folks. Anytime a player gets injured or they just evaluate a player, they put information into a book about them. Now it’s all electronic.”


City of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mustafa Siddiqui, Business Solutions Specialist

“We needed software that we could implement quickly, and that users could understand right away. We found all that in Laserfiche.”


Avis Fleet Services

Mike Re, Chief Information Officer

“Laserfiche has not only significantly enhanced the AFS business processes but it has also changed the way we do business—including substantial contributions to the AFS sustainability initiatives through reductions in our carbon footprint.”


United States Army Cargo Helicopters Project

Nick Van Valkenburgh, Information Management Analyst

“We don’t have to navigate through a document tree to get what we need. That’s really helped us streamline records management.”


The University of Southern California

Desiree Brown, Faculty Services Coordinator

“The time saving that Laserfiche has provided us is substantial. A lot of the benefits are subjective. But turnaround times, compliance–we know we’re better than we were.”


Virgin Australia Airlines

Nick Brant, Head of IT

“As soon as the door closes on any flight, we know how much money is on that flight. Many older airlines with legacy systems can’t see those results for months.”