Managing Your Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, social media plays a crucial role in your job hunt. The vast majority of employers use social platforms to recruit and hiring managers peruse social networking sites to get a more holistic view of the candidate. It’s important that your social media presence is a reflection of your strengths and professionalism. Follow these tips to ensure your social media presence doesn’t burden your job hunt:


1. Images

Posting inappropriate photos or making discriminatory comments on photos will send employers packing. Keep it classy with a professional, recent and high-quality image of yourself


2. Privacy settings

Publicly shared information can be viewed by anyone (and Google indexes everything you’ve ever posted online). Consider removing articles that could be offensive, divisive or embarrassing. If there’s content you’d like to share with friends that’s not appropriate for future employers, step up your privacy settings to restrict access.


3. Comments/postings

Inappropriate comments can jeopardize your chance at scoring that dream job. To avoid this blunder, remove complaints or remarks related to the workplace and any information considered confidential. Employers look for punctuation, spelling and grammar, so show off your attention to detail by reviewing material before making it public.


4. LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is where traditional business networking meets modern social networking.  Keep your job history, skills, and any descriptions up to date, then check and double-check your LinkedIn for errors.  Employers will take note of discrepancies between your resume and your LinkedIn profile.


Social media can be a ‘make or break’ part of the job search, and often it’s the latter. Stay on top of your online presence by setting up Google alerts that send notifications when you’re mentioned online. A strong online presence can be a great way to distinguish yourself in the job market. Used correctly, it’s an outstanding tool to engage and showcase your personality.