Nail The Interview

Your interview is about more than making a good impression. It’s an opportunity to showcase your wealth of experience and your cultural fit with the team. Follow these tips to land your dream job!



Come prepared. You should have a thorough understanding of the company’s services and products before a first round interview, even if it’s over the phone. By the time you reach an onsite interview round, you should be an expert on the company! Utilize all the info you can find on company’s website, and locate other reliable resources to review as well. During the interview, leverage this information to articulate the value that you’ll bring to the team you’re hoping to join.


Dress the part.

Remember the old adage? “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It’s true! Putting some thought into your attire before an onsite or video conference interview goes a long way when it comes to your clinching that dream position. Appropriate level of dress and a polished appearance together signal that you understand the company’s business etiquette and culture and that you’re taking the opportunity seriously. Wear an outfit that helps the hiring managers envision you in the role. Note! Tech companies (and others) frequently tout a relaxed, casual work environment. That’s awesome, but make sure that for the interview, you still bring your A-game when it comes to attire. Break out your jeans and tees once you’ve accepted an offer (and only if that’s the company’s M.O.!).


Be Confident.

Do your best to relax and be confident. Easier said than done, we definitely agree. Just remember that you’re interviewing for  the job because your resume stood out or because you made a good impression at a career fair. You’ve already impressed someone at the company, so remind yourself of that if you’re feeling anxious. A pat on the back or a power pose in the mirror never hurts. During the interview, take the time you need to think about your responses and speak in a concise, professional manner. Don’t be afraid to take a few seconds to compose yourself and plan out your response before you begin.


Ask Questions.

Demonstrate your curiosity and interest in the company by preparing detailed questions. Showcase your research skills by asking questions that highlight your knowledge of the company or industry. Remember, this is also an opportunity for you to decide if the company is a good fit with your career aspirations and cultural preferences. Feel free to ask your interviewers about their own experiences and feelings about the company, including their likes, dislikes and career growth.


Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up. 

Send timely thank you notes and don’t be afraid to ask about next steps in the interview process. Hiring teams like to see engagement and sustained interest after your interview has concluded.  If you leave an interview thinking you can picture yourself on the team and really want the job, make it known! Candidate follow up (or lack thereof) can be a huge factor  – even a deciding one – in a hiring decision. Write those notes, be thoughtful, and be specific! Just as a cover letter should be tailored to the job you’re seeking, a thank you note should be tailored to your interviewers and your interview experience.