I really like Laserfiche. Will you hire me?

You’re making us blush. If you want to join our team, check out our list of open positions. We offer a variety of opportunities for applicants of all education backgrounds.

Love technology, but aren’t sure what type of work you would like to do? Apply for our Problem Solver position! We’ll take a look at your resume and see if your skills are a match for one of our teams.

I just submitted my application! What do I do now?

Due to the large number of resumes we receive for each position, we are not able to directly contact everyone who applies. In general, strong candidates will be contacted within two weeks of applying. In the meantime, relax, kick back and explore our website! Check out Life at Laserfiche and our ECM blog.

What’s the interview process like?

Interviews vary from position to position. In general, there are three main steps: an initial phone interview with one of our recruiters, a skills-based exercise related to the position and one or two on-site or Skype interviews with department managers. Second-round interviews can include both one-on-one and team interviews.

During your phone interview, one of our recruiters will ask you details about your work experience, education, career aspirations and interest in Laserfiche. We realize it can be intimidating to talk to a stranger over the phone, so we try to make it as conversational as possible.

Advanced interviews often include problem-solving questions, mock presentations and other skills-based exercises. Interviewees for software development should be prepared to answer in-depth technical questions and perform live coding.

How should I prepare for my interview?

First of all, just be yourself! You are the expert on you, and we just want to hear your story.

We also encourage all candidates to learn some basics of our software prior to interviewing. Our blog posts, “What is ECM?” and “What is business process automation?” are useful resources for getting familiar with our work. The Laserfiche Solution Exchange also provides 100+ examples of how our clients are using Laserfiche software in their offices.

How should I dress for my interview?

Our company dress code is business casual, but you can never overdress for an interview. We trust your judgment to put your best foot forward.

Are you having any events at my university?

Quite possibly! Our recruiters are nomads that tend to pop up on college campuses around the world. Track our trek on the recruitment calendar to see a list of campus events and career fairs that we’re scheduled to attend. If you don’t see your school or a school in your area listed, check back frequently. More events are added all the time!

What is the office culture like at Laserfiche?

Luckily for you, we have an entire page dedicated to our company’s culture. Catch a glimpse of our culture by watching our Life at Laserfiche video.

What on-the-job training will I receive?

Our training is personalized for every new hire, but the basic principles remain the same. You will hit the ground running and start making contributions from the very beginning. You’ll receive guidance to ensure that you’re confident and comfortable, but you’ll be doing real work from day one. Additionally, you will be supported by a mentor in your department and can participate in job shadowing during your first weeks at Laserfiche.

Will I have the opportunity to travel between international offices?

Travel opportunities vary by position. We do have employees that have transferred between offices or even opened their own office. Additionally, most employees working in our satellite offices come to our headquarters in California for the Laserfiche Empower Conference in early January. Other travel and transfers between offices do occur, but we initially hire employees for a specific office.